General Electric Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel, Breaker Box, Repair, Service Uprgrade

electrical panel service repair Whether you need to replace your old fuse panels with new circuit breaker panels or you’re looking to increase the size of your main electrical service, Beverly Services can take care of all of your electrical panel installation needs.
We routinely perform service upgrades which increases the power of your main electrical service. For example, you may be putting in a new electric range, dryer, hot tub or putting an addition to the home, all which require more power. We can increase the amount of amps in your home; for example, we can increase your power from 100 amps to 200 amps to provide the level of power that you may need.

Do you have fuse panels that need replacement? Harrys electric  Services can replace your old fuse panels with brand new electrical boxes containing new circuit breaker panels. We can even add more circuits if you require over 20 breakers in your home or office.

Harrys electricis the premier electrical contractor company i. Since 1991General Electric Panel New, we have provided excellent service on electrical panel installation, circuit breaker and fuse panel replacement and main electrical service maintenance. Call us today for a FREE estimate on a new electrical panel,